SHOWTIME! Clones – Klaudia Bartos and Friends

Friday November 4th saw the opening of a unique exhibition as Klaudia Bartos brought together an array of Otautahi creatives to give fresh takes on her clay faces that have populated the city over the last year.

Bartos’ small faces provided the canvas for more than 25 local artists, each adding their signature (or surprising) flair to the intriguing characters. Staged at the Masked Artist Gallery in the BOXed Quarter, the cluster of creations a survey of characters and suggested mind states, from references to classic cinema and pop culture, to blossoming elements of the natural world and more abstract configurations. A celebration of community and individualism!

Clones features work by Glen Cutin, Melike Gungor, PK, Jessie Rawcliffe, Peaz, Nick Lowry, Melanie McKerchar, Devon Jones, Sarah Lund, Apex the Artist, Bet, Louann Sidon, RATS, Olivia Isabel Smith, Dark Ballad, Smeagol, Hode, Jay Skelton, Hambone, Jimirah, Reubin Caldwell, Neil Swiggs, Hannah Martin, Masked Artist, Amy Couling, Wynn Smith, and Catherine Brougham.

Author: Reuben Woods

Reuben is an art historian, writer and curator. His PhD thesis explored graffiti and street art within post-earthquake Christchurch. He also serves as creative director and lead tour guide for Watch This Space.

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